Who’s the artist behind the craft?

With over 30 years of Greek culinary experience under his belt, saying that Thomas Xanthopoulos, the chef/owner of GEFSI, lives, eats and breathes Greek food is an understatement. Through GEFSI, Thomas passionately seeks to enhance people’s lives with delicious indulgence and nostalgic delight through his authentic Greek dips and spreads. Thomas believes that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or quality, and that attitude resonates in every one of his carefully prepared dips and spreads. In fact, GEFSI dips and spreads boast significant health benefits, a factor that will prove to be vital to Gefsi’s success.

Although the Greek diet has been a staple of the health and wellness trend in the US for many years, the recent hummus boom has left some enthusiasts mistakenly believing that the infamous chick pea- based dip is a product of Greece. Thomas intends to use his GEFSI products as a means to share with consumers the rich dips and spreads his native land truly has to offer the world. In doing so, Thomas seeks to provide consumers with an opportunity to pamper themselves with traditional Greek recipe based products, boasting a characteristic that most others lack, gefsi. Hence, the company’s motto is thus quite fitting:

“When you’re looking to eat something healthy, authentic, AND delicious, just ask for something with GEFSI.”

Customer Service Commitment

As people begin to learn about the Gefsi brand and start tasting the products, we hope that they will utilize our website and social media to keep in touch with us. Generally, we want to keep you, the consumer as involved as possible, because if we’re having trouble delivering gefsi, or if we could be delivering more of it or possibly in a different way, we want to know about it so we could do something about it! Please see the contact page to see how to get in touch with us. We hope to hear from you soon!





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