GEFSI Fava (pronounced “fah-vah”) is a yellow split pea puree, complimented by onions, capers and  of course, olive oil.
Although similar to hummus, this fava dip is not composed of beans, but rather of yellow split peas. Particularly infamous in the international hot-spot of Santorini in Greece, fava dip has gained fame as a signature culinary offering. Enjoyable as a dish, side or as the ultimate snack, its sweetish taste and creamy texture will speak to your taste buds and win over your hearts. The characteristics of GEFSI Fava make its consumption an ideal dietary habit, as it helps bowel function, metabolism and neural system, and controls blood sugar and cholesterol. Employing traditional methods of treatment, GEFSI Fava offers authenticity and taste specificity usually found only in places like Santorini. Whether you have visited the island or not, indulging in GEFSI Fava will either introduce you to the island’s hidden gem, or restore your equilibrium until your next trip!



Served as an appetizer, after  topping it with chopped onions and capers, drizzled will olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Spread it on your favorite vegetarian sandwich, dip your favorite vegetable. Can be enjoyed with grilled octopus and grilled vegetables.




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