In short, GEFSI Tirokafteri (pronounced "tee-roe-kah-fteh-ree") is a savory, feta cheese spread infused with roasted hot peppers and olive oil, delivering ultimate satisfaction to salty-snack lovers, but with a fiery kick!

Feta is the national cheese of Greece and a popular worldwide staple of Greek cuisine. Although, given its crumbly nature, people typically only use feta as a distinctive addition to salads and entrees, GEFSI Tirokafteri expands the imagination, and the cheese once thought to be limited in use is now warped into a savory creamy spread, leaving tasters undeniably begging for more.




Great appetizer with vegetables and croutons. Great on hamburgers, kebabs, souvlaki, steak, pork, shrimp and chicken. Makes great hors d' oeuvres. Great in salads and your favorite pasta dish. Also delicious with omelet's and egg sandwiches as well.






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