GEFSI Skordalia (pronounced "scor-dah-lee-ah") is a bread-based, creamy garlic dip/spread, pureed to perfection with ground almonds and drizzled with
olive oil.
There is no question that garlic has served as a pallet-pleaser in cuisines around the world for many, many years. Now, GEFSI Skordalia serves the perfect showcase for garlic, as it adds a bold, creamy and delicious dimension to pretty much any food we eat, making non-believers incapable of resisting just one more dip, spread, or other style of use. As if the taste wasnít enough, GEFSI Skordalia is hearty-healthy, fights cholesterol, fights and prevents the common cold, and prolonged consumption can help reduce blood-sugar levels. For those that dislike garlic, at least itíll protect you from lurking vampires!




well with beet salad, fried fish, grilled or fried vegetables.  Use it to make potato salad instead of mayonnaise. Add it to your sandwiches. Apply  it to chicken breast with grated cheese and bake for 10 minutes. Makes great vegetable dip, great with  omelets.








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