What is “Gefsi”?

 “GEFSI” (YEF-SEE) is the Greek word for “flavor,” or “taste.” Hence, the company is named after what its foods are full of, flavor and taste! 

Gefsi Foods is a locally operated manufacturer and producer of authentic Greek dips and spreads. While formed only in the latter part of 2011, the company has high aspirations of entering the thriving refrigerated dips and spreads category as an innovative pioneer of affordable indulgence.

Although hummus, a Mediterranean chick-pea based dip, is seemingly present in every market place, the company hopes to claim its fame through its differentiated line of authentic dips and spreads, which are rooted in the chef/owner’s, Thomas Xanthopoulos, native Greek culture and his long, distinguished track record as a Greek culinary expert. If consumers enjoy hummus, they’re going to love Gefsi dips and spreads, which boast unique flavors, superior quality, additional health benefits, and something that people desperately want and need in their food, gefsi!




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